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Wild Mushrooms

Psychedelic Integration

"{Spirit medicines}...heal our planet by opening the spiritual gateways to the Ancestors (past and emerging) and promote transcendence through deep connections with Nature, the Universe and Spirit.”

~ Yuria Celidwen, Researcher & Teacher, of Indigenous Nahua and Maya descent

What is Psychedelic Integration Therapy?

This is a type of therapy for individuals who either already or who would like to source and use their own plant medicine or other psychedelic substances but would like to use said medicine safely in a more intentional and therapeutic way to promote health, healing and transformation.  

Indigenous peoples have used spirit plant medicines for centuries and more contemporary research has shown it's effectiveness. As psychedelic journey can be very powerful and sometimes it can be difficult to integrate what you experienced or even realized into your everyday life and way of being.  That is where a therapist can help you by providing a safe, non-judemental space to explore what happened on your psychedelic journey.  Many themes can be explored and processed.

I am not able to provided information on how and where to access or purchase psychedelic substances but I can support with supportive and structured pre-ingestion conversations and post-ingestion experience management.





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